‘Keteke’ takes us on the road in new film


It requires extra effort to faithfully depict a specific time period in cinema. That’s probably why we have very few period films in Ghana. Keteke is one such film that seeks to take us on a journey to the past.

The period drama, from director Peter Sedufia is set in the early 80s, and focuses on Boi (Adjetey Anang) and Atwei (Lydia Forson), a couple expecting a baby and ending up stranded in the middle of nowhere. Atwei goes into labour forcing Boi to find a way to safely deliver their child.

Peter started out writing, directing and producing short films and Keteke will be the first feature length film from the director. He received acclaim for his short film “The Traveler” which won a prize at the 2015 Panafrican Film and Television Festival of Ouagadougou or FESPACO.


The supporting cast include Fred Amugi, Jospeh Otsiman, Clemento Suarez, Jeneral Ntatia and Raymond Sarfo.

Be sure to follow their social media campaign set to go official next week Monday 9th January, 2017. Keteke comes out in cinemas in March, 2017.



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