Searching for Inspiration.


There is only One Source.

So should I have such a thing as writer’s block? Well, if I am forcing to use my own intellect and my own mental capacities then I guess yes, it would be that way for me.I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve procrastinated on posts I started and in some cases I haven’t been sufficiently motivated to write about anything. However, my current inspiration to write this post stems from determining where my inspiration to write comes from. And I proudly attribute it to The Holy Spirit.

The Word of God, the First Word of any kind, led me here. I constantly keep forgetting to acknowledge that my inspiration comes from His Creation, in and all around us. This makes it so much easier to flow. Hence, in all things, I will continue to acknowledge His influence upon my writing, my work and my ministry. This is just a short one to say I’m back.

Faith, Hope and Love.



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