Versus – Episode 1.


Is this what it feels like to lose consciousness? Feels like falling asleep to me. Maybe I should just let it happen naturally, I’m tired anyway. My vision is blurry and I feel a bit lightheaded too. I can feel the grip tightening.


A second wind hits my chest and travels up to my head. I grab the arm firmly locked around my neck and pull with all my strength.

I can’t go down. I won’t go down.

My opponent fights back but it’s too late. I’m able slip my hand in to get a good grip on his arm. That’s all I need. I yank hard and free my neck. In a split second, I position my leg between his and toss him over with all the force I can muster. He falls on his back with a thud and lets out a grunt.

Air! It rushes down to my lung freely. I stumble back a little and take a defensive posture. My opponent is already up as if nothing happened to him. Doesn’t he tire at all? He smirks at me. I can’t help but return it.

We’re both enjoying ourselves.

But at the end of night, one of us is going down.

To be continued…


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