Versus – Episode 2

Several hours ago…


“Don’t worry, I’m fine. You worry too much,” Leah replies.

The path to the riverbank is bushy and uneven.

“Do you really have to stay?”

Sigh. I can’t explain why I feel this urge to stay. I feel something calling. Not sure what it is but I know I can’t cross the river without figuring it out.

“Yes, I do”, I reiterate.

Rachel is oddly quiet. She seems more focused on enjoying the scenery. She looks so beautiful today.

The river isn’t too wide but it’s most likely deep. A canoe is tied at the bank. I release it and push it a little into the river. Leah reaches for my arm and I take a look at her baby bump. With a sweeping motion, I lift her off the ground delicately.

“I’ll see you soon.”

I place her in the canoe and walk back to the bank. Rachel wades in the water, not afraid to get her feet wet. She smiles at me.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” she whispers.

Her hair smells sweet. My lips part from her forehead. She continues on into the canoe and picks up the paddle. She places it in the water and gives it a firm push. The canoe floats away into the distance. I watch them go for a few seconds then I turn my back and walk off.


My opponent doesn’t say much. In fact, he hasn’t said anything at all. I don’t know what he wants or why we’re fighting. I just feel like this fight is not natural. I’m wrestling against something greater than myself. My whole life has been leading up to this point.

Mother said I was destined for great things.


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