Owusu, Strong and Mighty.


My family name is Owusu.

It’s a fairly common Akan name borne by many and I’ve never really thought to ask my dad about the meaning of the name. To be honest, Owusu sounded like an amalgamation of Owuo (Death) and Nisuo (Cry), which would form something morbid like Death Cry or Dirge. That wasn’t pleasing at all.  Continue reading “Owusu, Strong and Mighty.”


Walking in our Father’s Shadow.



32 degrees. Unrelenting sunshine. I walk down the Darkuman road holding my son’s hand. He eagerly observes the activity in the neighbourhood. Cars drive past on the road and people scurry back and forth to their destinations. He frequently exclaims, “See! Big truck!” or “Ei, Big Bus!”. This area could use a few more trees for shade, I ponder. I wipe the sweat off my forehead with my right hand. I look down to Akomapa on my left and see him uniquely aligned in the safety of my shadow as we walk. That’s when I came to a realisation. …Read more