Have you ever been visibly shaken with anger? Take a second to remember how it felt. The wrath boiling inside of you, threatening to erupt in an explosion. It causes us to seethe quietly with a deadly stare or to raise our voice as if to overpower an enemy. Continue reading “Anger.”


Searching for Inspiration.


There is only One Source.

So should I have such a thing as writer’s block? Well, if I am forcing to use my own intellect and my own mental capacities then I guess yes, it would be that way for me. Continue reading “Searching for Inspiration.”

Dropping The Drive.


I dropped my external drive this morning.

This is a pretty important drive too. It’s probably condemned but honestly I’m oddly calm. Not to say I don’t care for the content on it (both personal and work related) but I figure what good would it do if I get worked up about it? …Read More

Walking in our Father’s Shadow.



32 degrees. Unrelenting sunshine. I walk down the Darkuman road holding my son’s hand. He eagerly observes the activity in the neighbourhood. Cars drive past on the road and people scurry back and forth to their destinations. He frequently exclaims, “See! Big truck!” or “Ei, Big Bus!”. This area could use a few more trees for shade, I ponder. I wipe the sweat off my forehead with my right hand. I look down to Akomapa on my left and see him uniquely aligned in the safety of my shadow as we walk. That’s when I came to a realisation. …Read more